Welcome to scipr!

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What is scipr?

Single Cell Iterative Point set Registration (scipr) learns a transformation function to align batches of scRNA-seq data. This site covers scipr’s usage & API documentation.

Quick start

Learn a function to align two batches of scRNA-seq data:

import scipr
from scipr.matching import MNN
from scipr.transform import Affine

model = scipr.SCIPR(match_algo=MNN(), transform_algo=Affine())
model.fit(batch_A, batch_B)

Apply the function to align data:

batch_A_aligned = model.transform(batch_A)

Learn more

Read more about how scipr works in the Get Started guide. For documentation on each of the functions available in scipr, see the API. This package is based on the methods presented in our PLOS Computational Biology paper.

scipr is made available for free under a BSD license.